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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have taken their fair share of lumps this season on their way to a 2-4 record. They’ve had bad losses to Texas, Duke, Michigan State and now N.C. State. There are a myriad of reasons they lost those games, but a lot of it comes back to coaching.

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Coach Brian Kelly has pretty much put the blame on everyone but himself this season and Paul Finebaum has had enough of it. He called out Kelly and said he’s a “miserable human being” for it.

Not only does Finebaum question whether kids should be playing for Kelly, but says that sadly his job is secure despite the fact that this team could easily lose eight or nine games.

That’s no way to coach and to take a shot at the snapper in hurricane conditions is just absolutely absurd. That game was going to be sloppy and disgusting no matter how well the players played so Kelly needs to come off it and take some responsibility for poor coaching.

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