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The first quarter of the 2016 Orange Bowl went very well for the Florida State Seminoles. The team led Michigan by a 17-3 margin after 15 minutes of action and, frankly, the margin should have been wider given how the two teams played. However, the ‘Noles had an unfortunate start to the evening in south Florida, as the team’s horse did not execute extremely well within the pregame festivities.

While that is more of a wide angle shot that captures the entire feel, the horse can be seen (quite) clearly backing up and then falling before attempting to run away uninhibited.

Most assembled media on the Florida State maintain this was a first for the horse named “Renegade” and it is actually a very good thing that on-site personnel were able to contain the horse before it got out of control. With that out of the way, fans and folks from all corners of the internet were able to take pleasure in the mishap without a guilty conscience.

Florida State’s dominant start on the field overshadowed what took place here but it was unquestionably a fun miscue to watch for anyone that was not within the path of a seemingly angry and powerful horse.

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