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Former Alabama quarterback Cooper Bateman is expected to walk on at Utah, but it won’t be at his natural position, per the Salt Lake Tribune:

Bateman, a Utah native, arrived at Alabama as a five-star recruit back in 2013. After losing the starting quarterback job to Jalen Hurts at the start of the 2016 season, Bateman quickly faded into obscurity on the Crimson Tide special teams before announcing his attention to transfer in December.

Bateman worked some at Alabama at receiver before his decision tot transfer.

At 6’3″, 196 pounds, Bateman has the size to play wideout at a decent level. We’ll see if it translates with the Utes.

Bateman started one game in his Alabama career — a 2015 game against Ole Miss — which the Crimson Tide lost. Of course, Alabama recovered with Jake Coker and Derrick Henry to win the national title that year.

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