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It has been a little while since Mike Sherman served in a prominent role in the football world. The long-time offensive coach was fired as the offensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins on Jan. 6, 2014 and, since then, Sherman took on the job of heading up a high school program in Eastham, Mass.

Now, though, it appears as if Sherman has stepped down from the position and the reported reasoning is quite interesting. The Austin American-Statesman brings word:

“The Boston Herald reported there were two possible reasons for Sherman leaving. The school needed a physical education teacher and Sherman didn’t want to take on a classroom job.”

It is absolutely wild to consider that Sherman could be out of a job because he didn’t want to teach P.E. at the high school level. For context, Sherman was an NFL head coach for six (!) years with the Green Bay Packers and, after that, he served as the man in charge for the Texas A&M Aggies.

In short, this is a bit of a wild situation that could shed some light on the craziness that is a coach like Mike Sherman seeing his star fall this fast. At the age of 62, though, this might be the end.

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