One of the biggest college football stories of this week has been the crazy incident at UCLA involving strength coach Sal Alosi and Diddy, the father of DB Justin Combs. Diddy was arrested for his role in the incident, allegedly swinging a kettlebell at people, but has since denied the claims.

Former UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel went on a SiriusXM radio show yesterday and was asked about the incident and, in general, why he recruited Combs.

When you’re weighing the assets of what a youngster can do for your program, there’s no question (being Diddy’s son) had something to do with it for me. Justin is a great kid. His problem was his size. He’s not big enough to be a dominant player. Could he be productive? Yes. The fact his father was an influential guy played into my decision to go ahead and offer him.

Diddy didn’t even know who Neuheisel was until midway through their campus tour.

I took them on their campus tour. A half-hour into it, (Diddy) asked me who I was. He said, ‘Tell me what you do, Rick.’ I said I’m the head football coach here. He said, ‘You’re giving us the tour?’ I said, ‘Absolutely, this is my school. This is where I went. I want to give you a feel of what it’s like to be a student.

It’s not exactly a surprise that Combs was brought in partially because of his father. Anything that can help a team’s brand and carry some weight in recruiting can be as valuable as impact a player can have on the field. However, with this latest incident, you have to wonder if UCLA and Combs will look to part ways and have him transfer elsewhere.

Former UCLA coach says Diddy’s son probably wouldn’t have been recruited if not for his father

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