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The Michigan Wolverines had little trouble mounting a solid lead against the Maryland Terrapins on Saturday afternoon, but that did not stop Jim Harbaugh from keeping his intensity level high. After a brutal personal foul penalty against offensive lineman Kyle Kalis in the first half, Harbaugh was caught by on-field microphones using “colorful” language that included a very clear use of an expletive.

In Harbaugh’s defense, the action from Kalis that inspired this reaction was not an ideal one, especially from a veteran member of the offensive line in a game that was already in complete control for Michigan. Still, this is not the best look from a head coach, even with full knowledge that expletive-laden language is the rule rather than the exception on a high-level college football sideline.

Jim Harbaugh can probably relax just a little bit after watching what the Wolverines did to the Terrapins early in the game in Ann Arbor, but then, he wouldn’t quite be Jim Harbaugh.

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