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The Michigan Wolverines entered Saturday’s game against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights as approximately a 30-point favorite. Let’s just say that Las Vegas did not give Jim Harbaugh’s team enough credit in this instance.

Michigan raced¬†well beyond that 30-point margin in a spectacular 78-0 (!) blowout of Rutgers and, well, Harbaugh wasn’t shy about running up the score on his opponent. In fact, the Wolverines faked an extra point with a four-touchdown lead in the first half.

Yes, you read that correctly. Jim Harbaugh faked an extra point during an extreme blowout in a conference game.

The Wolverines scored via a 1-yard plunge from fullback Khalid Hill at the 11:57 mark of the first half and, as you can see above, the road team lined up in a traditional extra point formation. From there, the snap was taken by holder Garrett Moores, and he faked something of a hand-off to the kicker before turning around and racing untouched across the goal line.

By the time the first half was over, Michigan was leading 43-0 and the game was effectively over, but the Wolverines kept their foot on the gas pedal all the way to the bizarre 78-point margin. Jim Harbaugh has earned a reputation as a head coach that is not afraid to run up the score when it serves his interests and, on this night, that reputation was well earned.

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