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For the most part, it is widely accepted that the SEC sits atop the heap in the college football world as the best conference in the country. However, Colin Cowherd of FOX recently made waves in suggesting the opposite and the league’s momentum has certainly staggered a bit over the last year or two.

To that end, Lee Corso of ESPN appeared on The Opening Kickoff on WNSP-FM 105.5 this week and he was asked which conference was superior. His answer was both predictable and reassuring to SEC country. (h/t Saturday Down South)

“It’s the SEC. It’s the best football conference in the country, but Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State are in a real good conference. Wisconsin is pretty good. But what they did in the bowl games really hurt them. They didn’t win a single bowl game, those top three teams. And that kills them from a national perception. There is talk about them catching up to the SEC, but they haven’t.”

“The whole SEC is a great conference. You take all the weight of the SEC. That’s the difference between the SEC and other conferences. There are six, seven, eight real good teams in the SEC, and now Alabama — head and shoulders — is above everyone else. But there are very good teams right under them.”

Corso’s small-sample argument against the Big Ten doesn’t hold much water, simply because bowl games aren’t usually predictive of overall conference standing. Still, the fact that Alabama is the best program nationally really isn’t up for debate and the depth of talent in the SEC is unmatched from a personnel perspective.

This won’t be a debate that ends with comments from Lee Corso but it’s a point in the column for the SEC.

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