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Alabama may be the defending national champions, but they aren’t the most complete team in college football. At least they aren’t in the eyes of former USC quarterback and current FOX Sports analyst Matt Leinart.

According to Leinart, the two most complete teams in college football? Ohio State and Washington.

At least through this point in the season, it is hard to disagree with Leinart. Both Washington and Ohio State are in the Top 10 in both scoring offense and scoring defense, and both teams have at least one game where they dominated a significant opponent: Oklahoma for Ohio State, and Stanford for Washington.

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Michigan also earns a distinction as the only other team to be in the Top 10 of both categories.

While people have been hyper-critical of Alabama’s defense after giving up 30 points to Arkansas, they aren’t exactly far behind those three teams; the Crimson Tide are in the Top 10 in scoring offense, and they just miss out on being a Top 10 defense.

Point is, we have a lot of great looking teams this year, and a lot of football still left to be played. It should be a fun season.

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