Former LSU coach Les Miles served as a guest analyst for ESPN’s Signing Day coverage, but he doesn’t seem interested in a future in TV.

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During an appearance on the Culotta & T-Bob Show in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Miles said he still wants to coach football.

“I’m having a blast,” Miles said. “I’ve enjoyed dabbling in the media. ESPN has been a lot of fun for me, to go up there and be part of signing day. There’s a piece of me that certainly enjoyed being a part of media, but I’m a football coach. I think everyone knows that. I can’t wait to get another opportunity in football.”

Miles didn’t get a head coaching opportunity this offseason after being fired by LSU in September, but he might get a look after next season. In the meantime, Miles said he enjoyed covering Signing Day.

“The thing that you want to do about a media opportunity is to enlighten and shed light on things that the public wants to see,” he said. “That’s kind of the key piece.”

Miles’ son, Ben, signed with Nebraska on Signing Day as a fullback.

“The interesting piece was, I was dad,” he said. “I can remember, just for years, when I walked into a living room, I said listen, this dad’s going to step in a make a decision, or this mom’s going to step in and make a decision. And heck with it, right? And suddenly, it’s your son. And you realize he’s really earned the right. He’s made great decisions his whole career. And he’s grown up right. You know what? He wants to go to Nebraska, and I’m for him.

 “It’s a much different position than the head coach. The head coach sees his roster, and he wants to manage his team… all this… improvement of a team. But your son. You want him to be with good people. Yeah, I was in support of the choice. I was a very proud poppa.”
Miles doesn’t have a specific role with ESPN heading into next season, but if he isn’t coaching, it’s certainly possible he will continue making TV appearances throughout football season.
Les Miles reiterates where his future lies after ESPN Signing Day stint Chris Graythen/Getty Images
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