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You’re pretty dedicated to your favorite college football team, right? You have season tickets, your vehicle is adorned with school-themed bumper stickers and maybe you even sport a flag with your school’s logo proudly waving over your front porch.

Your kid’s middle name might even match that of the greatest coach in your school’s history or at the very least, your dog has the same name as your team’s mascot.

That is dedication, that’s loyal support. But you’ve got nothing on this guy, whose LSU ‘Tiger Eye’ in all its’ purple and gold glory is masterfully tattooed on the top of his hand.

Bombshell Beauty Ink, a tattoo shop-hair salon located in Shreveport, La., posted a photo of the tattoo this week on Instagram:

#lsutigers #geauxtigers #tattoos #shreveport #bombshellbeautyink #tattoolife #handtattoo by @fia_metta

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