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Jim Harbaugh is a constant source of entertainment for college football fans everywhere, and he came through again on Saturday. Near the end of the first quarter during the game against Wisconsin, the Michigan Wolverines lined up in an extreme I-formation.

For reference, the entire Michigan offense assembled in what amounts to a 10-man line and it made for a perfect internet sensation. It should be noted that the Wolverines (sadly) did not snap the ball like this, but it also would have been a wildly illegal formation that would have done Harbaugh’s team absolutely no good.

They quickly pivoted from this gimmick look into a more traditional set-up and, just seconds later, Michigan put the first touchdown of the game on board to take a 7-0 lead. The specifics don’t really matter, though, as it is a lot more fun to talk about Jim Harbaugh doing yet another ridiculous thing that generated massive amounts of attention for the Michigan program.

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