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Saturday wasn’t fun for the Michigan State Spartans and that really isn’t up for debate. Mark Dantonio’s team zoomed to a 14-point lead against the Indiana Hoosiers but, in the end, the team clad in green was unsuccessful between the white lines, suffering a 24-21 loss for their second consecutive disappointing defeat.

However, the Spartans did string together an unexpected and, frankly, hideous play that happened to be effective. With MSU leading 7-0 midway through the third quarter, there seemed to be some miscommunication and/or dreadful execution before the snap of the ball, leading to all kinds of apparent confusion once the play began. However, the end result was a pretty one for Spartans fans, as quarterback Tyler O’Connor connected with Delton Williams for an easy (and uncovered) touchdown.

Amusingly, O’Connor also could have chosen to throw the ball to Monty Madaris for what would have been a breezy score, so Michigan State’s play calling could be credited for genius instead of accidental excellence. Regardless, it was a touchdown on a day that Michigan State needed one.

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