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He may be a Heisman finalist and one of the best college football players in the country, but it looks like at least one NFL scout isn’t on board.

A recent Bleacher Report article by Matt Miller touched on Michigan’s Jabrill Peppers, and it looks like one NFL scout isn’t fond of the Wolverines’ versatile defender.

“You’re going to draft a safety with a lucky interception in the top 10? We get fired for mistakes like that.” That’s what a director of college scouting texted me this week about Michigan’s Jabrill Peppers. As much as the media likes Peppers, the sense I get from NFL folks is the Heisman candidate is more hype than substance.

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Peppers declared for the Draft just a few days after the 2016 season had concluded.

Peppers’ versatility did wonders for Michigan at the college level, but there are a lot of questions on if his lack of a singular position will hurt him at the NFL level. Peppers may be a little small (6-foot, 210 pounds) to be an NFL linebacker, and he didn’t played much in coverage this year with the Wolverines.

Peppers has a lot of potential at the NFL level, but it is going to take the right team finding the right position for him.

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