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This is not what you want out of the leader of your football team.

Notre Dame lost 10-3 to N.C. State on Saturday, mostly thanks to the conditions of Hurricane Matthew. The field in Raleigh, North Carolina was damn near flooded, and of course, it caused some problems for both teams holding on to the ball.

After the game, Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly pointed that out, but the head coach went a little too far in blaming the snapping.

Atrocious? Well, we aren’t exactly sure what he expected.

Kelly could have easily blamed the conditions without coming off so callous. Snapping wasn’t the only way the conditions impacted this game, as dropped passes and fumbles elsewhere were also evident of the harsh rain and winds. Instead, Kelly just singled out one player instead of accepting that it was a problem for the entire team.

Bad move, coach.

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