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According to most NFL Draft experts, former Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram is probably a day two selection when it comes to the 2017 proceedings. That, of course, is not a bad thing, as being either a second or third round draft pick is wildly impressive for any player. Still, it isn’t as if Engram entered the 2017 NFL Draft combine as a player likely to be selected in the first round.

With that said, it isn’t likely that anyone saw what he did in the 40-yard dash coming. Engram turned in an absurdly fast time of 4.42 seconds.

For the uninitiated, that is an off-the-charts time for any position, much less at the tight end spot. To put things in perspective, multiple high-end wide receiver prospects can’t match that type of blazing speed and Engram also ran faster than future first round running back Leonard Fournette.

Visual evidence can be found here.

Being a speedster of the highest order does not guarantee anything with regard to Engram, especially considering the fact that his physical tools were already the biggest reason for NFL intrigue. Still, this type of performance is enough to turn many heads and Evan Engram could benefit greatly from this particular 4.42 seconds of his life.

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