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Well not turning the ball over through six games is a hell of a formula for staying undefeated.

That has been one of the main tenets of Western Michigan football this season, as the undefeated Broncos are the only team left in FBS without any turnovers for the season. That’s not just against MAC competition either, as the zero turnover game helped Western Michigan score two Big Ten wins this year at Northwestern and at Illinois.

Western Michigan is really a wildcard of a team. There is a good chance they could go undefeated on the year, and while they likely won’t make the College Football Playoff, it would be interesting to see where the committee would rank them at the end of the year.

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Whether they go undefeated or not, there is one thing we do know: head coach P.J. Fleck will be one of the hottest coaching candidates out there for teams that strike out on the big names. Fleck opened his tenure with an 1-11 season in 2013, but he has since gone 22-10 with the Broncos. Fleck has also set Western Michigan up very well, as the Broncos have led the MAC in 247Sports‘ recruiting rankings for all four years in which Fleck is responsible.

Western Michigan will have a chance to extend their zero-turnover streak to seven games this week, as they head to Akron on Saturday.

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