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Paul Finebaum hasn’t hidden his feelings on Michigan over the last few months, calling them the “most pathetic fans” in college football before detailing how he doesn’t respect the school.

On the Barstool Sports podcast, Finebaum let loose once again, shredding the “most arrogant” fans.

Here’s what he said, per Land of 10:

“It’s Michigan,” Finebaum said. “I always hate to regurgitate information that’s already spewed out but Michigan. First of all, it’s a good school, but it’s not Harvard. Michigan fans, Michigan graduates are just the most arrogant, elitist. I mean it’s a state university that’s in Michigan OK? Ann Arbor is a suburb of Detroit. The fans talk like it’s Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and Cal Tech wrapped into one. It’s not. It’s a good school that’s won half a national championship in 60 years that hired a guy that got fired by the San Francisco 49ers… He’s had 28 satellite camps from Alabama to Australia and what has he accomplished?”

Finebaum would go on to poke fun at Michigan’s loss to Iowa as the reason the Wolverines didn’t deserve to be in the conversation as “legitimate teams.”

We’re not sure what Michigan fans did to upset Finebaum so much, but it seems like he’ll hold onto this grudge forever.

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