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College football analyst and known SEC homer Paul Finebaum was on “Mike & Mike” Wednesday to talk about the CFP rankings that were revealed the night before. While Alabama was still the top team, the Big Ten made a huge leap with two teams in the top four and Clemson moved down to the No. 4 spot.

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Finebaum came away very impressed with the Big Ten and even went so far as to say that it’s the best conference in football this year.

“We look around, and I do think the Big 10 is the best conference in college football this year. I don’t think there is an argument about that. I believe that if it’s Penn State and Wisconsin — for the sake of argument — in the Big 10 championship game, I would take the winner of that game.”

While the best team in the country is in the SEC, it is clear that the Big Ten is much deeper and has more good teams than the SEC as a whole — you can thank the SEC East for that.

[h/t SEC Country]

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