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College football fans live for the game as much as they do recruiting more often than not. Some people have complained that football should do something similar to basketball where there’s an early signing period rather than putting the pressure on a bunch of kids one day in February every year. It seems those people have gotten their wish:

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The three-day long period isn’t as long as basketball’s entire week, but it’s a pretty great start for kids who want to have their commitment out of the way and won’t necessarily be able to enroll early. It’s also important to note that the dates will coincide with when JUCO players can sign their National Letters of Intent as well, likely a measure to make sure all the dates are the same and there’s no confusion.

If a coaching change takes place after the date though, that might cause mass NLI appeals though as most coaches are fired or leave after bowl games — which almost always take place after those dates — so that will likely be something to look for as well.

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