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UCLA stormed back behind Josh Rosen’s arm Sunday night, returning from a 34-point deficit to stun Texas A&M.

But another look at the play that gave the Bruins the lead has some questioning why this one wasn’t at least reviewed.

Jordan Lasley was hit in stride for the pass, but after he gets a foot down, his knee pokes the ball loose, which one would imagine would be ruled as he lost control of possession. He doesn’t regain possession of the ball before a foot steps inbounds, and this could have been ruled incomplete.

Refs didn’t, and just by judging Rosen’s magic against the exhausted Aggies defense, it was likely only a matter of time before he saw the end zone yet again.

This is all moot point though, as Rosen completed the comeback and Kevin Sumlin’s seat can’t get much hotter.

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