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Earlier in the year Alabama head coach Nick Saban suggested that the game with Tennessee, not Auburn, was the most important to his players. Many rolled their eyes at that statement, but Alabama’s players were clearly emotionally hyped for Saturday’s matchup with Tennessee.

No moment perhaps better emphasized that emotion more than the end of Bama running back Bo Scarbrough’s 85-yard touchdown run. Already dominating Tennessee 42-10, Tide running back Bo Scarbrough broke off an impressive 85-yard TD run and at the end he was less than friendly with the Vols fans in the back of the endzone.

Vols fans didn’t seem to care for Scarbrough’s gesture judging by the number birds flying the Tide running back’s way. Maybe he was asking for a high five or maybe he was letting Tennessee fans know how many rushing touchdowns Bama had scored, either way no one in orange was smiling.

The one fan who had Scarbrough’s hand in his face had a pretty good attitude about it afterwards however, telling,

“I saw him coming at me,” fan Josh Durbin told “I looked up at the jumbotron and then turned back and saw him at the 20-yard line. Then he gets into the endzone and runs straight at me. I see his eyes look at me and I’m like ‘Crap.’ I couldn’t break eye contact and then he puts his hand straight in my face. I wish I would have just high-fived him back just to see his reaction.

“It would have been funny. I think it’s funny.”

Durbin is probably the only Tennessee fan able to find a reason to laugh Saturday after watching the Vols be destroyed 49-10. The smiling faces, and the cigars,  are all in Crimson and White