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Alabama’s run of defensive and special teams touchdowns this season has been absolutley absurd. After the Tide finished beating down Tennessee 49-10 Saturday the Tide were up to 11 non-offensive touchdowns, which at the time was more touchdowns than some teams had scored in total.

Just let that sink in. Even discussing something likes this is nuts.

Trying to force turnovers and score on defense has become contagious amongst the Tide defense and the season is only seven weeks old.

“The confidence in players believing and having faith in what they’re doing certainly contribute to their success,” head coach Nick Saban said after the game according to 247sports. “So when you have punt returns, I think guys that are blocking and holding up, they think that if we do this right, we have a chance to make an impact on the game here. I think it’s the same thing with the defense.

“We emphasize stripping the ball out, we emphasize attacking the ball, we give somebody the belt every day in practice with who gets the most ball disruptions. It’s a point of emphasis, and when players start to get them, the others feel like, ‘I’m gonna get me one.’”

I’m gonna get me one, one heck of a theme for the Alabama defense in 2016. They’ll have their chance again next week when the Tide face off against Texas A&M.