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Running back Najee Harris of Antioch High School is widely regarded as the top football recruit for the 2017 class in America. Harris is a strong, fast, and unbelievably talented running back that has been an Alabama commit for nearly a year-and-a-half. Bama fans are very excited about Harris and many believe he could be one of the top recruits of the Saban era, but now his commitment may be in jeopardy, even if just a little bit.

Harris told the USA Today that he plans on making all of his visits and that he isn’t 100% in on Alabama.

“I’m going to take my five visits, but I just don’t know where,” Harris said last week, per Jim Halley of USA Today. “Let’s say this: My mind isn’t set on Alabama. I’m not 100 percent set on Alabama. I’m trying to see what else is out there for me. I’m using my visits to see. As much attention as I’ve gotten, I feel like I have helped my teammates get some offers, too.”

The team Alabama should be the most worried about swooping in and taking Harris is Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines. The Wolverines are off to a fast start in just Harbaugh’s second year and have already climbed into the national championship picture.

Harbaugh has the personality, team, and championship opportunity to take a recruit like this away from Nick Saban and Alabama. Tide fans who put a lot of stock into recruiting (and this year shows you why it can be so important) will surely be worried about Harris until the day he signs on the dotted line.

Harbaugh is scheduled to meet with Harris next week during Michigan’s bye week. Expect the battle for Harris to only heat up from there.