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Everyone who uses social media knows that there is quite a bit of negativity out there, quite a bit. Some people just skip over the negativity, some people read it and get mad, and some read it and hope prove those haters wrong. Alabama cornerback Cyrus Jones is one of those who lives for the chance to prove those twitter haters wrong, often retweeting many of the negative tweets that are directed his way in an effort to call out his doubters.

“I think it’s funny, to be honest,” Jones said. “I just feel like, what have they done? What right do you have to say anything to a player that’s out there and doing what we do? It’s pretty funny. I can’t really say what I want to say all the time. But it’s definitely pretty funny.”

Jones is one of the more emotional players on this Tide team, often serving as a go to option for anyone looking for a quote on the state of emotions in the locker room, so it’s no surprise that he draws energy from all of his doubters.

“I just enjoy shutting people up and proving them wrong, pretty much,” he said. “Any time I get a chance to do that, it’s always extra motivation.”