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Most people would agree that Alabama is the best team in the country so far this year. They’ve blown out everyone they’ve played including four ranked teams (at the time) and have won by at least two touchdowns in every game played. On SportsCenter, when analyst Mark May was asked by Hannah Storm about who he thought was the best team, his response was pretty easy to come by:

“Leaps and bounds, Hannah, because it doesn’t matter — offense, defense, special teams, they know how to score in every facet of the game,” May said on the show. “And they just take advantage of the opponent, and they’re so aggressive defensively. New defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt has done a terrific job of putting his players in the right position. But you look at Jalen Hurts at the quarterback position, and [he’s] the most athletic quarterback Nick Saban has ever had. And Eddie Jackson in the return game. … They know how to attack you as a football team. And they’re so disciplined in every facet of the game. You don’t see them make a lot of mistakes. You don’t see them commit a lot of penalties. You see them in the right place at the right time and making plays. They’ve got the athletes to do it. That’s why they’re so much better than everyone else this season.”

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He pretty much summed up it right there. Alabama has over 10 non-offensive touchdowns, has been dominant on defense allowing only 15 points per game, about 64 rushing yards per game and 274 total yards per game. The offense is also averaging about 505 total yards per game and about 266 rushing yards per game behind a bevy of runners including quarterback Jalen Hurts.

[h/t SEC Country]

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