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It’s getting to the point of the year when he figure out who is terrible in the NFL and start speculating how high those teams will be picking in the next NFL Draft. The Cleveland Browns are definitely that team this year with no wins in six games and they look absolutely hapless. So now we can start wonder if they would even beat a good college football team.

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That’s exactly what Paul Finebaum wondered aloud on SportsCenter yesterday and he told former LSU defensive lineman Marcus Spears that this year’s Alabama squad could do it.

“How could you call [Alabama] a semi-pro team? They could beat the Cleveland Browns right now, which a lot of schools could.”

I don’t know about a lot of schools being able to get a win against a professional football team, but Bama certainly looks the part. The Crimson Tide have several guys on the team who will go pro by the time they’re done at the school, but none of them have reached their physical peak like these guys in the NFL.

Nevertheless, it would still be fun to watch this game happen in real life and see how close Alabama might keep it.

[h/t Saturday Down South]

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