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When people think of the Alabama-LSU rivalry game each year they probably never think of politics. Both states are considered to be “red states” (or generally Republican voting states) and so the people in those states generally on election issues. However, the two states have actually been deciding Presidential elections since 1984.

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When the Tigers and the Crimson Tide play in elections years, the outcome of the game has decided the Presidential election, at least since 1984. When LSU wins the game, a Republican takes office and when the Crimson Tide wins, a Democrat takes the office.

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For reference, here are the outcomes of the games in election years since 1984 and the corresponding election winners:

1984: 16-14 LSU          Ronald Reagan (R) def. Walter Mondale (D)

1988: 19-18 LSU          George H.W. Bush (R) def. Michael Dukakis (D)

1992: 31-11 Alabama          Bill Clinton (D) def. George H.W. Bush (R)

1996: 26-0 Alabama          Bill Clinton (D) def. Bob Dole (R)

2000: 30-28 LSU          George W. Bush (R) def. Al Gore (D)

2004: 26-10 LSU          George W. Bush (R) def. John Kerry (D)

2008: 27-21 Alabama          Barack Obama (D) def. John McCain (R)

2012: 21-0 Alabama          Barack Obama (D) def. Mitt Romney (R)

2016: 10-0 Alabama          ?

That doesn’t bode too well if you’re Donald Trump who’s running on the Republican ticket. I suppose there’s always a chance to break history, right?

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