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Most Alabama fans have sufficiently blocked the notorious “kick 6” game against Auburn completely from their memory. Someone who still seems to think about it very much however is FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher, who talked about that game during his press conference Monday.

FSU is dealing with the fallout of their second loss of the season and Monday Fisher seemed to be in rare form during his lengthy press conference. At one point Fisher went on an eight minute rant on why he thinks the rules and how the game is officiated is skewed in favor of the offense and chose that terrible Iron Bowl as a very specific example.

“The rules are bent for them,” Fisher said referring to offenses according to “It’s illegal. What you do now on offense is illegal. It should never be a part of football, and I’m an offensive guy. When you can have linemen go 3 yards down the field and it is a pass, something is wrong with that. It gives false key reads, and guys are running the ball.”

“It cost Alabama a national championship.”

In case you care to remember, this is the play Fisher is talking about,

“When we played Auburn for the national championship, they had a lineman 7 yards down the field on the pass to tie it up before the Kick 6. It would’ve never been there. It should’ve been illegal. Last year when (Auburn) played Ole Miss, they had a guy 6 yards down the field.”

It seems odd that Fisher would be talking about this game and Auburn specifically Monday, but with his team reeling after losing their second game of the year on a last second field goal to UNC, Fisher clearly had some things to get off his chest.  While it’s nice to receive the support, Alabama fans would much prefer to forget about that game completely and focus on all those wonderful championships instead thank you very much.