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Former LSU head coach Les Miles was often compared to Alabama coach Nick Saban. Fans and boosters of LSU football expected a lot from Miles, at the very minimum the expected him to be up to the same standard as Nick Saban, even if that might be an impossible standard.

If Nick Saban is part of the reason why Miles was fired at LSU this season Miles says don’t feel sorry for him, being better than the best should have been the expectation.

Miles spoke on Colin Cowherd’s show on foxsports1 this week and discusses whether or not SEC coaches are unfairly held to a higher standard because of Saban.

“If you’re saying are the coaches in the SEC at the level they must play to to have success, that schools are more impatient based on the quality of Nick Saban and Alabama? I would say there’s a lot of coaches impatient like him, that enjoy competing with him,” Miles said.

“To make it a definitive ‘This much, that much,’ I don’t think that happened. I do think the Nick Saban comparison is realistic in the SEC. If you don’t enjoy playing the best, you need not to put your seat down in the Western division.”

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