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Former Alabama defensive leader and current Los Angeles Rams linebacker Mark Barron is one of over a dozen NFL defensive players to come out of Alabama under coach Nick Saban. Barron, like many of his fellow former teammates, gives much of the credit for his success in the NFL to learning and developing under Saban at Alabama.

Recently Barron was on “After Hours with Amy Lawrence” on CBS Sports Radio and made the statement that Nick Saban’s Alabama defense is ‘more complicated’ than most in the NFL.

“The way that program is ran, it’s pretty much like an NFL program,” Barron said during an appearance on “After Hours with Amy Lawrence” on CBS Sports Radio on Thursday. “It might be even more complicated. Well, actually, I know for a fact that it’s more complicated than a lot of NFL systems. So just having to learn that and go through that whole process of putting in the work, the work that it takes to be successful at Alabama, that prepares you for the work you have to put in to come in and have success in the NFL.”

“It’s a thing where you can’t really be focused on everybody else,” the former St. Paul’s prep star said. “You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. As long as you stay on top of your game and stay on your P’s and Q’s, a lot of times it’s just not a lot anybody else can do about it. … If you’re better than somebody and you don’t make a mistake, then how can they beat you if you don’t make that mistake? You just have to be sure you don’t make mistakes.”

Quotes like this one are the reason that Nick Saban has been able to build the reputation as a coach that will make you successful at the next level. It only helps build Saban’s mystique and to help Alabama continue to land top defensive recruits. Guys want to win in college but they also want to make it to the NFL and it just so happens that at Alabama, you can do both.