Lane Kiffin’s trek through the college football world has been a wild one. First, he spent time at USC under Pete Carroll before moving on to an unexpected opportunity as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. That didn’t last terribly long and, from there, Kiffin moved on to lead the football program at Tennessee for just one season before bolting back to USC to assume command.

Since then, it has been an interesting road that included a high-profile stop at Alabama but, in retrospect, perhaps the weirdest part of Lane Kiffin’s career was his time in Knoxville. Apparently, Lane’s father, long-time defensive mastermind Monte Kiffin, agrees with that sentiment.

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It is fair to point out that Kiffin’s tenure at Tennessee did not go particularly well on the field, with the Vols finishing the 2009 season with a 7-6 record. Still, he revitalized the program from a national attention standpoint, in part because of his off-field persona, and Kiffin still managed to entice USC despite limited success in the SEC.

Needless to say, it would be very interesting to find a crystal ball that would point out what would have happened if Lane and Monte Kiffin stayed at Tennessee for another year or more. Just ask Monte.

Monte Kiffin just made an interesting comment about his son’s tenure at Tennessee Andy Lyons/Getty Images
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