When you win 51-3 sometimes your post-game press conference steers a bit off topic. After Alabama crushed Mississippi State 51-3 Saturday Tide coach Nick Saban took the opportunity in his postgame press conference to clear up something that had clearly been bothering the Alabama coach, that is the belief that Saban did not vote in the presidential election on Tuesday.

After Saban made comments suggesting he didn’t even realize the election was happening because of how important it is to him, many took that to mean that Saban didn’t know it was election day at all and that he didn’t care or vote.

Saban cleared everything up Saturday,

SO to set the record straight Nick Saban did vote in the presidential election Tuesday and Alabama did beat Mississippi State 51-3 Saturday.

Nick Saban is tired of everyone thinking he didn’t vote, sets the record straight twitter/@Deadspin

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