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Nick Saban and Dabo Swinney have had a bet going on the last two years they’ve run into each other at the national title game: the loser of the big game had to buy the winner a super expensive and super nice dinner.

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And it looks like Saban finally paid up for this year, per

“Absolutely. He paid up on my spring break,” Swinney told Mark Packer on College Sports Today Friday. “His spring break was the week before mine. He got me a really nice dinner certificate to a place called Temptation down in Florida. We had a great – probably the best meal I’ve ever had. It was awesome. We had appetizers and dessert to go with it. It was great. I did have to dip into my pocket for 50 bucks, though, but it was all good.”

Swinney also said that Saban has been “nothing but gracious” about it, but it sounds like Saban should have paid for the entire or found the time to sit down with him and eat. If you’re going to pay up on a bet it’s always better to do it in person and take your ribbing rather than send a gift card and call it a day. But I guess when you’re busy recruiting like Saban always is, it’s hard to find the time.

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