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Just about every time Alabama faces off against an FCS opponent Nick Saban has the same message locked and loaded, he doesn’t like it. Wednesday when speaking to the press Saban reiterated his desire to play more conference games and only power-5 schools. It’s a call to action that Saban has campaigned for continuously but one that has received little push from his fellow SEC coaches. When expanding the conference schedule last came to a vote Saban was the only coach in favor of the idea.

Wednesday he once again explained his feelings on the subject.

“Through the years, I’ve been an advocate of playing all Power 5 conference schools, playing more conference games,” Saban said Wednesday according to “I know it’s a more difficult schedule but I think it would be better for the fans. In the playoffs right now, if you want to talk about that, that system is if you lose a game you’re on thin ice. If you lose two, it’s almost impossible. I think if we played more like the NFL. The New York Giants won the Super Bowl a few years ago and lost six games.”

Eventually the SEC may go to more conference games and outlaw FCS opponents, but for now all Alabama can do is play the games on their schedule.