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It doesn’t look like the war of words between Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin is ending anytime soon.

The relationship between the two hasn’t looked ideal ever since Kiffin left for Florida Atlantic, and Saban heated things up on Thursday with some big comments over the development of now sophomore quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Via GridIron Now:

“Sometimes later in the year when people played us in a way that we needed to be able to throw the ball, we may not have been as efficient as we would have liked to have been,” Saban said. “That was probably our fault as coaches. Because we protected him, instead of developed him as a young player.”

Saban does say “our fault” when discussing some of Hurts’ shortcomings, but it’s pretty clear where that falls with regards to Hurts for 2016. Kiffin acted as both offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Crimson Tide, and he would have been the lead guy working on both the play calls for the Crimson Tide offense and the development of Hurts in practice.

For what it’s worth, it doesn’t appear that Kiffin really cares at this point about how Nick Saban handles things at Alabama.

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