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Deshaun Watson is likely to become a first round pick in this year’s NFL Draft because of his size, deep ball throwing ability and the fact that he’s just a downright winner. He lost only 3 games as a starter in his three-year career and one of those was in the National Champion Game for the 2015 season. However, he got his revenge this past season with a win in the title game.

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Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen saw him in both of those title games and he was nothing but complementary of him at the NFL Combine. In fact, he paid Watson the highest compliment a competitor like that possibly can.

Watson combined for 825 passing yards, 116 rushing yards and eight total touchdowns in the two matchups. So it would be safe to say that he saves his best for the last game of the year against the best competition. And it would be pretty safe to say he owned the vaunted Alabama defense in those games too.

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