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Skip Bayless is not necessarily a man known for his nuanced takes on the sports world, but this one is sure to infuriate many college football fans.

On Friday, Bayless took to the air with a swift opinion on Alabama head coach Nick Saban. In short, the FOX Sports pundit believes that Ohio State’s Urban Meyer is now the best coach in college football, unseating Saban from the perch that he has occupied for several years.

This is a (very) interesting time to make this declaration given that the Crimson Tide are the reigning national champions and, for good measure, Alabama is also sitting atop both major polls given their undefeated record in 2016. Still, Bayless apparently believes that Meyer’s work in Columbus is noteworthy enough to choose this particular moment to make the switch.

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There are plenty of pundits and commentators who would place Meyer in a similar tier as Saban when it comes to program building and, frankly, Meyer is the only coach in the nation that would not generate a comical response to this stance. At the same time, this does feel a bit like a plea for additional eyeballs in the “hot take” department.

Not that Skip Bayless would ever engage in that type of activity.

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