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Skip Bayless is one-half of FS1’s “Undisputed” and the only thing undisputed about it is that it has the worst sports takes known to man. Bayless is the ring leader of it all and he continues to give us some more bad takes by saying Alabama was lucky to not have played Vanderbilt this year.

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Here is the ridiculousness in its entirety:

It probably doesn’t help that Bayless went to Vanderbilt and so now he thinks he’s a Vanderbilt expert. The Commodores had a nice season under Derek Mason and came up with a few upsets, but that team is not beating an Alabama team as dominant as this year’s.

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This is the same guy who thinks Saban isn’t the best coach in the country — he thinks that distinction belongs to Jim Harbaugh by the way — and doesn’t coach defense that well. Meanwhile, Saban has sent numerous players to the NFL on that side of the ball and continues to have a top five defense every season. But sure, Alabama is “lucky” it didn’t Vanderbilt this season. You know what though? Vandy hosts Alabama next season so we’ll see how wrong Bayless will be in another nine short months.

[h/t SEC Country]

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