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Tennessee fans are not a group of people that would be described as benign or forgiving. Just ask Alabama offensive coordinator and former Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin.

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He’s been taking shots from Vols fans ever since he left and it seems they’ll go to great lengths and heights to make sure he knows his place in Knoxville. Someone hired a pilot to fly over the city with a banner that reads “Kiffin has small hands ask Layla” and of course they do not actually mean his hands.

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You might have noticed the website at the end of the banner and that has an explanation. explains the individuals purportedly behind the banner:

The web address at the end of the message re-directs to the website for Warren & Griffin, Attorneys at Law. The firm has offices in Chattanooga, Tenn., Dalton, Ga., and Rome, Ga.

So you can thank those guys for this interesting banner.

[h/t College Football Talk]

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