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If you’re on Twitter at all then you probably have tweeted at your favorite (or least favorite) teams in all caps or in anger at least. You’ve probably even gone so far as to tweet at the conference and tell them to get better refs or the like. Well, that’s what one fan did and he actually got an answer back from the SEC!

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One Tennessee fan made it pretty clear about what he thought of the SEC officiating crews and what he wants to see going into his team’s matchup with Alabama this weekend.

Dunlap was actually only referring to penalty yards as well as the Crimson Tide accrue about 52 penalty yards a game. They are actually the third-most penalized as far as the throwing of flags goes with 38 thrown against them so far this season. The most-penalized team in the conference is actually Tennessee with 40 and then Georgia with 39.

The Crimson Tide’s 314 penalty yards rank behind only Florida (372) and Tennessee (358) among SEC teams, although it should be noted a handful of SEC teams have only played five games compared to Alabama’s six. Crimson Tide opponents have been called for just 22 penalties, the fewest in the league and those 22 have been for 202 yards, only 58 percent of the Tide’s penalty total and 64 percent of the Tide’s penalty yardage.

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