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Heading into the season Alabama head coach was looking for one of his quarterbacks to step uo and take over the team. When it looked like Blake Barnett was going to take the starting quarterback role all of a sudden Jalen Hurts swooped in and made the starting role his. Hurts won over the team with his toughness and leadership and as the season has progressed his teammates continue to be impressed by the toughness they see in Hurts.

“He shows toughness every single game, it seems like,” Alabama running back Damien Harris said. “Whether it’s from the hit he took against Ole Miss, getting back up, or plays where he almost got his helmet ripped off or even the play whenever — I don’t know if y’all saw it, but — where the guy kind of held Jalen down in the middle of the play, stuff like that.”

“He never shakes, he never flinches,” Harris said. “He just gets up and plays the next play. He just shows incredible toughness each and every down.”

Hurts will need to be careful and not put himself in a position to be injured, but otherwise his toughness is becoming a calling card among his team.