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Auburn University approved plans to add a new videoboard in the North end zone of Jordan-Hare Stadium, as well as player development facilities projects for the baseball and softball teams and locker room renovations for the men’s and women’s basketball teams on Friday, according to

Auburn’s board of trustees met during the property and facilities committee’s portion of Friday’s meeting and decided to greenlight the proposed videoboard on the previously proposed more than $145 million renovation to the North end zone of the stadium.

Auburn athletics presented the proposal to the board as part of the initiation of the project, which AU associate vice president for facilities Dan King stated was estimated to cost $6.3 million for a videoboard “half as tall and half as wide” with “25 percent of the viewing area” of the board in South end zone, as well as the approval of Birmingham-based LBYD, Inc. as project engineer in order to install the new videoboard prior to the beginning of the 2018 football season.

The board approved the initiation of the project and authorized the use of LBYD, Inc., as part of the designing phase, but will further address the project and its impact on the long-term mater plan for athletics facilities during another meeting scheduled for Nov. 10.

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