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The Auburn Tigers have had trouble finding their next great quarterback in recent years, but head coach Gus Malzahn may have finally found him in Baylor transfer Jarrett Stidham.

Stidham showed flashes of brilliance at Baylor, and he’ll get the chance to shine on his new team in the SEC this fall.

Still, it’s hard to predict what Stidham will look like in Auburn’s system, but a former Baylor coach thinks Stidham is like a “taller Drew Brees.”


“I was like, ‘OK, no other quarterback can make that throw,'” said Dishman, a former All-Pro defensive back who was Baylor’s safeties coach. “I had to go back and watch it on film. And when I saw it on film, it was like, ‘Whoa. This kid’s going to be good.'”

To Dishman, Auburn’s new sophomore quarterback is a “taller Drew Brees.” The Baylor transfer has the potential to be that good, Dishman said. Not just because of the arm strength.

Dishman did see Stidham a lot up close in 2015 when the latter was at Baylor. Still, comparing Stidham, at this point, to a future HOFer in Brees is a little premature.

Getting compared to a quarterback like Brees is never a bad thing, though, so Auburn fans should be excited.

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