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You may be looking at that headline funnily, but no, this actually happened.

President Donald Trump was giving the commencement address at Liberty University on Saturday, a school whose football program recently announced a move to play in FBS. Along with that move, Liberty has been adding opponents like crazy to their future schedule, and it looks like President Trump announced one of those during the address.

Via Saturday Down South:

“Just wait until the world hears the football teams you’ll be playing on your schedule starting next season,” Trump says in the video below. “President (Jerry) Falwell gave me a list of some of those schools of which you’ll be playing in 2018. I’m a little bit concerned.”

“UMass, Virginia, Auburn — Jerry are you sure you know what you’re doing, Jerry? Auburn? I don’t know about that, Jerry. This could be trouble, Jerry.”

The schools’ Twitter accounts later confirmed the news.

The President announcing future scheduling for college football teams? That’s definitely a new one.

Bo was born in Atlanta, GA, and has always been a savvy sports follower. He attended Georgia Tech and has previously worked with ESPN TrueHoop, HawksHoop, and the Georgia Tech Newsroom. He covers national college football for FanBuzz.
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