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With the Florida-LSU game now officially scheduled for Nov. 19 there have been plenty of letters written and things said to the public by both Florida and LSU officials. UF athletic director Jeremy Foley released some statements talking about the game and what it meant to get it rescheduled and specifically called out LSU for not being cooperative.

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LSU AD Joe Alleva released his own statement and showed everyone exactly what kind of person he is with his statements on how his school swindled Florida into giving them a home game when they didn’t deserve it. Well, now SEC commissioner Greg Sankey is releasing his own statements on the matter and there is very much some shade throwing going on.

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You’ll notice that LSU was not specifically mentioned in Sankey’s comments below:

“It was important for us to come to a resolution. Each university had its own set of concerns throughout this process, however existing SEC regulations did not provide an avenue to resolve conflicting issues in a more timely manner. As I have repeatedly said, this game needed to be played. In the end, I want to give credit to the University of Florida for making concessions to move this year’s game to Baton Rouge.”

Curious. But there’s more! He even went so far as to thank the two Sun Belt teams that had to move their games against LSU and Florida to make this happen.

“Lastly, I send thanks to Sun Belt Conference Commissioner Karl Benson and his membership which worked in collaboration and a great spirit of cooperation in presenting options as we worked through this process. I also thank Presbyterian for its understanding of this situation.”

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That’s what happens when you anger the conference’s commissioner and make crazy demands for the sake of your own university and not another’s that just avoided a devastating natural disaster. Whether Sankey meant to snub LSU or not — I’m betting he did — it’s over with now and the two teams will play their game

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