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Florida fans have been “treated” to some truly horrific offenses the past few seasons so naturally that would be a point of emphasis for Jim McElwain’s staff. However, coach and his staff have not really been able to land elite talent at key positions on offense other than wide receiver. The Head Ball Coach has taken notice and while he did compliment Florida’s incredible close to National Signing Day, he said there could be some improvements.

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It probably didn’t help that Florida didn’t have a running backs or offensive line coach to help recruit either. With JaJuan Seider in place as RB coach, the Gators just need to find an offensive line coach to complete the staff and get to recruiting for 2018.

Spurrier never had any issues recruiting the offensive side of the ball in his day with the Run ‘N’ Gun style of play and players like Reidel Anthony, Danny Wuerffel, Fred Taylor, Eric Rhett and Willie Jackson. It was a high-scoring offense that people enjoyed watching and recruits loved playing in.

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