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Florida and LSU always have their annual matchup circled on the calendars, but this year’s game is going to be a particularly feisty affair. The game was supposed to take place Oct. 8, but was postponed because of Hurricane Matthew.

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Most LSU fans accused Florida of being scared to play the game after it wasn’t moved to that Sunday or even Monday and said that the Gators were running from the game when a date couldn’t be decided for a makeup. LSU wasn’t exactly cooperative in the process either and a game was only rescheduled under the threat from the SEC that neither team would eligible for the conference championship game.

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And now LSU running back Derrius Guice has started the trash talking not even mere hours after the Tigers beat Arkansas.

It doesn’t seem anyone will be running from the game because the Gators have a very real shot of getting to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game and LSU will undoubtedly try to back up the talk from Guice ahead of one of the biggest matchups of the season.

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