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The LSU Tigers were supposed to play South Alabama this week until Hurricane Matthew screwed up the game with Florida and so now that game is being played this weekend instead. With USA no longer on the schedule, the media relations crew probably should have changed the media passes.

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That would have been the logical thing to do, right? It’s too bad we don’t live in a logical world. LSU instead just re-purposed the passes from the South Alabama game for Florida beat writers:

If I used the same material they used for the holographic Pokemon cards I might not want to make new passes either. It could have also been a message being sent to the media about the bickering that went on between the schools, SEC and media members about who’s fault it was the game had to be played this weekend. Or it could have been LSU just not caring enough to change the passes out.

Apparently there will also be a ton of Florida fans right next to LSU’s student section as well:

That could become a pretty hair situation on Saturday.

[h/t Saturday Down South]

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