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There’s been a lot of mud-slinging when it comes to the Florida-LSU game getting rescheduled. People are mad at Florida because they think the Gators used a natural disaster to avoid a rivalry game while others are mad at LSU and AD Joe Alleva for making so many demands on when the game can be rescheduled.

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The topic was discussed on ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption between Rachel Nichols (filling in for Tony Kornheiser) and Mike Wilbon. They absolutely destroyed and eviscerated LSU and the SEC for not getting the game rescheduled. They also lit up LSU athletic director Joe Alleva for demanding that the SEC give the Tigers a home game on November 19 (when they’re supposed to play South Alabama).

“I think the SEC commissioner, if there is such a person, should stop hiding behind his desk and come out and say something strong about this or get the two parties into a room,” Wilbon said. “If he wants to take your tact and not air anything publicly, get both parties in a room.

“Short of that, I think Alabama and Florida ought to tell LSU and Mr. Alleva to go to hell. That he doesn’t run their programs or their budgets, OK? And they’ve got the school that’s not even smart enough to wait until the end of the season to fire their coach, so I’m not taking any suggestions or input from LSU.”

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So not only did Wilbon destroy LSU for this scheduling snafu, but he took his shot at Alleva for firing Les Miles too soon into the season. Nichols agreed with Wilbon and went even further to condemn the people criticizing Florida because a damn hurricane swept through the state.

“To me, there is one appropriate response to all of this,” Nichols said. “You say: ‘We will make this work, because we understand that this is all the result of a hurricane that killed more than 1,000 people.’ It is petty. It is unbelievable to me that anybody in the face of the tragedy that happened in Haiti over Hurricane Matthew, the damage that was done across the southeast United States, could sit here and argue about a football game.”

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She’s absolutely right. There’s just no reason why this should be such a big deal and no reason why the conference office hasn’t gotten this figured out yet. They ultimately make the decision and should just tell each school exactly what’s going to happen.

And then she absolutely ended LSU with her last comment on the subject:

“If you’re at LSU of all places, shouldn’t you know about natural disasters, the damage they cause and the human cost?” she said. “I think this is really shameful, actually. I really do.”

Mic dropped.

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